Q’s 50 Worst Albums

I read about this on Greg’s site, and he commented briefly, but whereas he had only a couple of the “offending” discs, including a really dubious choice, Beck’s Midnight Vultures, I have…several.

I should note that I think they mean worst in the sense that either the artists are capable of much more and/or it sold a lot. It’s like when Ebert and Roeper picked Deuce Bigelow, European Gigilo and The Dukes of Hazzard as the worst movies of last year, they not going to pick some C-budget piece, but rather the studio follies.
There is an album on the list –
38. Chris Rea – The Road To Hell Pt2, which I realized I had confused with an album he did called The Road To Hell, which I couldn’t believe was on the list. And it wasn’t.

Albums I own on the list:

17. Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead – Dylan And The Dead
OK, this IS a really boring album. “Joey” , which seemed long on Dylan’s “Hurricane” album, seems interminable here. As one Amazon reviewer called it, an “unbelievable sloppy mess”. Belongs on the list.

25. The Cranberries – To The Faithful Departed
This one that Greg and I both own. While not my favorite of the three Cranberries’ albums I have, I thought there were some good, powerful tunes. Doesn’t belong.

28. The Rolling Stones – Dirty Work
I have this on cassette. This isn’t even the Stones’ worst album, has a couple hits. Not great, but doesn’t belong on the list.

31. Stevie Wonder – Woman In Red
I own most of Stevie’s albums since 1970, but I must admit I seldom play this one I have on vinyl, which features the treacly “I Just Called to Say I Love You” and actually, I have no idea what else without actually pulling it out. Oh, there’s one decent song, but it probably belongs on the list.

41. Paul Simon – Songs From The Capeman OST
I also have lots of Paul Simon, and this piece, a Broadway musical which tells the story about a murder, is one that I play the least, because it doesn’t really have Paul’s voice. It just didn’t work for me. In its favor, some of the doowop and Latin rhythms. The song “Killer Wants to Go to College” refers to my alma mater, New Paltz. That said, probably does not belong on the list.

43. The Traveling Wilburys – Vol 3
I’m actually quite fond of this album. So it’s not as good as the first one – it’s still fun! No way it belongs on the list! I do so love The Wilbury Twist:
Put your hand on your head
Put your foot in the air
Then you hop around the room
In your underwear
Ain’t ever been nothin quite like this
Come on baby do the Wilbury twist

8 thoughts on “Q’s 50 Worst Albums

  1. Amazingly I don’t have any of the list. I have almost bought the Cranberries disc, but always passed. I am not a big fan of their stuff, but do enjoy what I have heard. But “Tin Machine II” is one that I still want to buy. I really like their first album.

    Thinking about it, I really wouldn’t mind getting my hands on the Traveling Willburys either.

  2. I still like Midnite Vultures. You can’t make me not like it!

    I have not heard the second Tin Machine album, Scott, but almost everyone says it sucks, even if you liked the first one (and I sort of did). Of course, if you can get a hold of the original artwork before they obscured the naked statues, it’s worth a ton of money!

  3. Greg- You misunderstand me. Midnite Vultures was suspiciously on the worst of list; it ought not to bem, from what I’ve heard. You have impeccable taste, at least until I hear your next mix.

  4. Oh, I see. Understood.

    And you know that late at night you lock yourself in the study and play expletive-filled music loud and scream along with it! Don’t deny it!!!!

  5. The only record I own on the list is the Rolling Stones’ “Dirty Work”…and I have it on vinyl.

    Except for “Sleep Tonight” – the final cut on the album – it is pretty stinky.

    (Plus, most “worst albums of all time” lists usually say more about the person writing it than the record)

  6. I will stick up for Tin Machine II, which has some godawful songs (anything Bowie DOESN’T sing on) but a few great ones, including “Baby Universal.” Also do like “Midnite Vultures” but it might be my least favorite Beck CD after “Mellow Gold.” Have to admit most of the CDs on that list are pretty poor, though. Billy Ray Cyrus… egad…

  7. The Simon album is very underrated. The mix of doo-wop and Latin sounds gives rise to some great arrangements and songs, and hangs together great given the subject of the musical. The opening track is one of my favorite Simon songs, a great mix of doo-wop and a stately, sad, processional medley.

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