Till I Waltz Again With You is not a waltz

Went to the doctor’s on Wednesday to deal with this chronic head cold/sore throat thing which is now a chest cold. She sent me to a place to get a chest X-ray to determine whether I have bronchitis or pneumonia; as it turns out, I have neither. So I’ve been home for a couple days, taking an antibiotic, using an inhaler, and consuming some cough medicine which is a “controlled substance.” Did you know a physician in New York state can electronically submit most prescriptions, but that “controlled substance” Rx has to be hand delivered?

This means I have some time to read blogs, but absolutely no energy to write anything. Fortunately, Arthur came up with a birth meme:

1) Find the #1 single the week you were born.
2) Find it on YouTube.
3) Post without shame.

“If you want to do the meme, my suggestion is to Google ‘number one pop songs month year’, changing the month and year to when you were born; that’s easier than searching for the specific week because pop charts may end on different dates.”

Well, the winner for my week was Teresa Brewer’s Till I Waltz Again With You, which, as the Wikipedia notes, “Rather than a waltz, it is a slow AABA shuffle.” It was actually #1 for five weeks, preceded there by Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes by Perry Como and succeeded by The Doggie in the Window by Patti Page.

Here is the song, and here is her 1962 rerecording.


3 thoughts on “Till I Waltz Again With You is not a waltz

  1. As you no doubt noticed, one of my friends got “How Much Is That Doggie In The Window” by Patti Page. I saw on Facebok that a high school classmate got “The Chipmunk Song”. So, I consider myself VERY lucky indeed!

  2. Mine was “The Third Man Theme” Harry Lime and all that. Those sure were different times to say the least. Yes I remember the fear of polio and the duck and cover drills our elementary schools held.

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