Your Post-Birthday Present to Me: Ask Roger Anything

The notion that I should limit my birthday to, I don’t know, 24 hours, is such a silly notion, when I can be celebrating it all month. And I know that you meant to get me something a couple weeks ago, but you just didn’t know what to pick out. (It CAN be tough.) I know you are very upset about this, as well you might be. Well, I’m here to tell you that your existential agony could be over!

All you need to do is Ask Roger Anything. That’s right, ask me ANYTHING. Anything at all. And, here’s the kicker – I have to answer it, in this here blog. The answer must be, more or less, truthful, though, if given the opportunity, I might just obfuscate a tad.

And if you’re shy and prone to embarrassment, you could even e-mail your questions to me at rogerogreen(AT)gmail(DOT)com. The rest of you brave souls, though, can leave yours in the comment area of this particular post.

Oh, I should note that I’m not one of those take-take-take kind of people. For similar requests, I’ve provided questions to Lefty Brown and Jaquandor, here and here, among others.

7 thoughts on “Your Post-Birthday Present to Me: Ask Roger Anything

  1. 1. (The Usual) Who do you think ends up in the World Series this year?

    2. Who do you think Romney will pick as a running mate?

    3. Any travel plans for the warmer months?

    4. (May have been asked this before) If money was no object, what is your dream vacation?

    5. Did you ever visit an area, not expecting much, but were surprised at what it had to offer?

  2. So I missed your birthday Roger! Happy belated birthday and many years to come. I am still in Israel and having a wonderful time with Dina and the people of the group of our tour to the north of Israel. See you next week when all is again as usual.

  3. Has Barack Obama disapointed you in any way, I feel that he has missed some great opportunities to enact more changes, especially after the election when he had majorities in both houses? I will still vote for him, but it is kind of sad.

  4. Which book/ movie/ TV/ comic book character best represents how you actually are right now?

    Which book/ movie/ TV/ comic book character represents the person you’d most like be?

  5. Happy Birthday, Rog! OK, I take thee at thy word:
    1. Do you think that when our hometown boy Rod Serling said, “Everybody has to have a hometown; mine is Binghamton,” he was being in any way sarcastic?
    2. Do you think we should pull out of Afghanistan immediately to avoid engaging Iran if/when Israel sends the bombs flying?
    3. What is your favorite single cut of all time – 45 or album cut, and by whom?
    4. Why is there air? (Ha ha, know you dig Cosby)

    Love, Amy

  6. To what degree are you tired of “storage media creep” — meaning, the progression from LPs to CDs to MP3s or from VHS to DVD to Blu-ray to streaming? And what do you think of the increasing sense in which when we buy something, we’re not getting ownership of anything for our money, but merely permission to use it?

    When you think of the long-term problems we face, which one(s) bother you the most from the perspective of your daughter having to be part of the generation that deals with them?

    How different do you think the post-Civil War era would have been had Lincoln not been assassinated?

    And I just had a debate with someone online about this, so I’ll ask your opinion: how much does the common usage of the phrase ‘begging the question’ bother you? This to me leads into a lot of interesting issues regarding how languages evolve. Thoughts?

    (Sorry to be so late in the game with these!)

  7. Can we do another one?

    How about what VILLAIN would you most like to be? Or bad guy, evil spirit, etc. Also, what’s the coolest villian etc.? (Might not be the same; they’re definitely not for me.)

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