Blogoversary Number Seven

I was reading the comments for Ken Levine’s sixth blogoversary about five months ago when I came across this:

“Russell Baker, in my opinion the best columnist ever to adorn a newspaper, once said that he became a columnist with the thought that now he had the freedom to disgorge the contents of his brain. After three weeks of columns, he realized that he had already disgorged the entire contents of his brain.”

I doubt I ever mentioned this here, but I loved Russell Baker. I used to follow his column in the New York Times religiously. I’ve read at least three of his books; Growing Up, one of his autobiographies, was one of my favorite tomes for a long time. I still own it, so I probably should reread it, but probably won’t.

Anyway, I disgorged the contents of my brain six years and 49 weeks ago, and yet I’m STILL writing this blog. Some people just don’t know when to quit. As a buddy of mine, who’s been blogging about as long as I, but not quite as proficiently, stated recently, “Yeah, but you’re a tad, shall we say OCD on the whole blog thing, Rog.” Well, maybe. I’ve been known to be writing three weeks ahead, when the muse strikes, to make up for those weeks when I write almost nothing. At least I stopped multiple blogposts per day.

The one thing I did this year that made sense was to get this blog on Networked Blogs, which allows automatic tweets, and (I think) Facebook posts to be generated. I think social media is fine – just don’t sign me up for Farmville or the like, because I WILL block it – but I just don’t have the time to actively use them much. Writing the blog every day is a lot easier/more interesting to me than promoting it.

Happy blogoversary to moi.

And because I always need a song to celebrate just about everything, here is 7 and 7 Is by Love, featuring Arthur Lee.

Expect more navel gazing throughout the month.


11 thoughts on “Blogoversary Number Seven

  1. Happy Blogoversary, Roger!

    I’d say you certainly have a lot of interesting things to blog about. I’ll be reading for as long as you blog.

  2. It’s always a pleasure to stop by the first thing in the morning and read the next day’s installment. I still started my blog before you started yours, though! 😉

    • Greg- So you did! You were one of the first people I linked to, some now defunct thing. At least you’re still out there.

  3. Congrats Roger
    It is because of your Blog, which I found thru Fred Hembeck’s Blog, That I have been able to renew our Friendship! I read your blog every day.

    • And Mayor, I really appreciate that. BTW, I love your Christmas cards, even though we have sent exactly zero in the past …how old is the daughter?…eight years.

  4. Pbbt. For me it’s commenting that’s the problem. 😀

    But I hope Roger keeps blogging for a long time because I learn a lot of weird things on his blog. 🙂

    Congrats on your seventh!

  5. Ooh, I passed my sixth blogaversary this past January 1st. You’ll always be more than half a year older than me, Roger.

    Back in the day when blogging was new and trendy, it seemed that every third person was starting a blog, and most of them quickly found out that they had nothing to say. Sure, they’d get a few things off their chests or say something they’ve always wanted to tell the world, but then their blogs would go idle. Eventually all that was left was oddballs like us who keep posting.

    So why are you and I still doing it?

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