Geek Confessional

Jaquandor addresses: “What is something you absolutely hate or love or just don’t get, or maybe it’s something you have never even seen or read. What is your deepest, darkest geek confession?”

The breakdown:

Something I hate that everybody else loves.

Does EVERYBODY love ANYTHING anymore? I mean someone is watching those Real Housewives shows, and I despise their very existence, but they are quite avoidable.

The closest thing, I suppose, to the nature of the question is The Big Bang Theory. I watched it, didn’t HATE it, but didn’t find it particularly funny either. And I am convinced it was the laugh track. When I’m not chuckling, and “they” are, it’s quite telling to me.

Something I love that everybody else hates.

Watches. Something that has only one function – to tell time. Actually, I don’t have one presently – it died – but I’m in the market for one.

Physical music. Everything is downloaded or in “the cloud”, whatever that is. I still like the tactile sense. I like reading the liner notes.

Physical books. I tell you that, with some reference books, I can find reliable information a lot faster than by Googling it. (Note the term “reliable.”)

Bicycles. Some drivers are just hostile to the notion of sharing the road.

Something I don’t get that everyone else seems to:

Obsessions with vampires, zombies, LOLcats, Facebook games such as Castleville, which female celebrities are pregnant or just had a baby (and they keep track of their children’s names) or how quickly they’ve gotten rid of their baby fat. (Look at the most popular baby names, and you’ll find lots of kids of celebrities with those names – but don’t ask me which celebs.)

Something that you would think I’m familiar with and yet am not:

I suppose I should go with the big one: Harry Potter. Never read one book; didn’t even start one, only to give up. Did see the first movie, and thought it was OK, but never went beyond that.

Any number of TV shows: Mad Men, The Sopranos (I’ve seen maybe six minutes of it), Breaking Bad, The Wire…the list goes on and on.

Music by The Decemberists, Florence + the Machine, pretty much all of 21st century music, though I actually have a Black Keys album. There was a category on current pop music on the last JEOPARDY! Teen Tournament, and I went 0 for 5.


2 thoughts on “Geek Confessional

  1. I only read the first Harry Potter book and… I didn’t like it. I don’t get it. There’s piles of kids books I absolutely love. I thought Harry Potter was unimaginative.

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