Meow- random questions

For no good reason, I went to the April, May and June 2008 editions of Curious as a Cat, and picked random questions. I would have had a picture of a cat here, but goodness, I don’t want Chris H to go all apoplectic on me. So instead, I put a nice librarian’s card CATalog.

1) Of all the people you know, whose name suits them the best?

Some guy named Barber, who is well-groomed.

2) If you could control one aspect of your death–except the timing–what would you do?

Avoiding pain. I’m really surprised how long it has taken modern medicine to recognize the efficacy of minimizing pain.

3) What is the largest amount of money you have earned in one day?

$17,600 on November 9, 1998, on some game show, though I didn’t get paid until March 17, 1999.

4) If you spoke English with an accent other than the one you currently have, how would you chose to sound?

French or Italian. Seems romantic. Or like that stalker, Pepe le Peu.

5) Be honest: how do you feel about people who smoke?

I love some of the people, but hate, HATE the habit. I can smell it from 30 feet away, seriously. And being in an elevator can be treacherous unless I use my magic power to block the insides of my nostrils, without touching them, and breathe through my mouth, and I can’t do that forever.

6) Whose death touched your own sense of mortality the most?

Pretty much anyone younger or slightly older than I. There have been a few.

7) In what part of the world–other than where you are now–would you most like to live?

Some days it’s San Francisco or Montreal. There are probably places I’ve never been, such as Rome or Paris or Auckland, but I need to actually have BEEN there.

8) What do you think the role of religion should be in today’s world?

A personal experience that doesn’t trample on other people’s rights.

9) What was the most romantic moment of your life? (Details!!)

No, thanks.

10) Name your least favorite candy. Why do you dislike it so much?

NECCO wafers. They look appealing but I HATE the taste; reminds me of chalk.

11) What is the slowest realization you’ve ever come to?

That someone I was attracted to had been attracted to me. Nothing ever came of it.

12) What is the most sacred or holy spot you’ve ever seen?

In 1995, at the end of a pier in Galveston, TX at 5 a.m. when the water was coming in and the sun was coming up.

13) If you found out that someone you just met is a recovering alcoholic, would that change the way you felt about them? How?

Yes, probably favorably.

14) How often do you see your parents? Would you rather see them more often, less often, or about as often as you currently see them?

I’d like to see them more a LOT more often.

15) What do you most like or appreciate about the opposite sex?

I can’t explain. It’s their very differentness. Yes, that’s not a word.


2 thoughts on “Meow- random questions

  1. Hey, Rog, just for you:

    1. Bury. He owns a funeral home in Buffalo. I swear this is true.
    2. Not be in pain. Maybe go overboard on a cruise to Alaska and become fish food.
    3. $453. A great night at a piano bar.
    4. Jamaican. Sounds like music.
    5. Love the smoker, hate the smoke. It killed my career. Hell, it killed my mother and her folks and many friends. I hate Philip Morris and their crowd too, and I’m not really much of a hater. But I’ve done activist work around anti-indoor smoking…
    6. My cat, Missy. Strange but true, she was a sweet soul.
    7. LA, so I could see Riley more often.
    8. Keep it in your daily life, but out of our government. If you groove in it, move in it, spread the love.
    9. The first time Lex and I kissed. Just like the song, it was in his kiss!
    10. Mounds Bars. I once OD’d on them and spent a half hour throwing up. See, you get more details about that than about my sex life!
    11. That I could be a poet.
    12. The room where I birthed Riley. It was that spiritual.
    13. Yes, because I’ve fought some of that fight and watched Mom kick the bottle (but not the cigs). I’d support her/him in any way possible.
    14. They are currently unreachable, but after I die…!! I do miss talking with my Mom, hearing her stories about my wacky Irish side.
    15. Their junk. No, not really!! Their differentness, I guess. It’s that yin and yang thing, but if they were too yang, I never dated them.

    There. All done. And now I’m sad because we don’t have a cat anymore… Meow, Amy

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