It’s another solstice Ask Roger Anything

What are you going to give me for Christmas? Santa is bringing me the new Hess truck, aren’t you, Nick? A few pieces of music, a couple books, and some clothes are on my list. (It pleases The Wife no end that clothes are now on the roster, which was NOT the case a decade ago.)

I know. YOU can Ask Roger Anything. That would fill my stocking with holiday cheer. Then, in an act of reciprocal joy, I will actually ANSWER said questions, more or less honestly.

I remember last time, someone asked if a particular query was too personal. Too personal? Bah, humbug! I mean I’m sure there are questions out there that would qualify, but that one wasn’t even close!

I promise to respond within the next 30 days, as I have always done in the past. Now if y’all inundate me with SO many questions that I can’t respond in a month, 1) I’ll be very happy and 2) I’ll let you know. It’s not happened before, which, of course, is no foreteller of future responses.
And while you’re at it, why not Ask Arthur anything as well? Maybe why kiwi describes New Zealanders, fruit AND flightless birds.


3 thoughts on “It’s another solstice Ask Roger Anything

  1. If you were to shave your beard, would Lydia recognize you? Would I? (Paul says his kids would do a double take every spring when he used to shave his off!)

  2. What’s your favorite weather?
    What’s the most recent fiction book you’ve read?
    Have you ever owned a dog?
    What would you say is the most difficult part of buying your first house? Is there something that you wish people would have told you?
    What’s your favorite spice?
    Old used books or brand new never read books?

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