Marcia on the bridge

Marcia Green on the Clinton St Bridge

This is a picture of the younger of my sisters, Marcia, when she was about four. I THINK the dress was pink.

She’s standing on the Clinton Street Bridge that crosses the Chenango River in Binghamton, NY; the shot is from Front Street heading downtown. We crossed that bridge a LOT on our way visiting my mom at work.

As I’ve noted before, she’s been wading through the photographs, newspaper clippings, and other memorabilia. As the youngest, she was was the only one of the three kids who moved to Charlotte, NC when my parents moved there in 1974, though I did live there briefly in 1975, and Leslie, on her way to Puerto Rico, stayed there for a time.

When she lived in in Binghamton, her name was pronounced MAR-sha, but since the sojourn South, she became mar-SEE-ah. Took me a couple years for my brain to fully embrace the change.

One of the things Leslie and I always marveled about was Marcia’s memory of the details of our childhood. She recalls people and events that have long escaped us. She’s becoming the family historian.

Anyway, it’s her birthday, so I just want to wish her a happy natal day!

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