The Lydster, Part 126: Allergies

looks like a young Stormy

looks like a young Stormy

The Daughter went to the allergist in early August to get a skin test. She tested positive for dust mites, plus pollens in grass, ash, birch, beech, maple, oak and poplar. These were previously known.

The new wrinkle: she’s now allergic to cats.

As noted, we got two cats last year. Before acquiring them, we had her tested for allergies for dogs and cats. No allergies to either a couple years ago, and no allergy to dogs presently.

She finds this turn of events totally unfair. She doesn’t much like dogs, due to a couple childhood traumas with less-than-friendly canines. Cats, and in particular, Midnight and Stormy, she LOVES. When she wrote sentences for her vocabulary homework last year, more often than not, one cat was the star.

As a result of this development, she’ll be on a regimen of shots. She’s SO looking forward to that. Upon hearing the news, she said it was the worst week ever!


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