X is for Xylopolist

christmas_treeA xylopolist is someone who sells wood. Or, from Encyclo: 1. One who sells timber; a timber-merchant. 2. A dealer in wooden objects or one who sells various kinds of wood or wooden objects. I assume this includes someone who sells Christmas trees.

X is always tricky for ABC Wednesday participants. There are two common prefixes in English that start with X that folks have used quite often. Xylo- refers to wood, while xanth- means yellow in color. Here’s a list of unusual words beginning with X; a number of words start with xeno- (strange, foreign) or xero- (dry).

If you are seeking other words, try plants, specifically these botanary entries.

Look also at common Mandarin Chinese words

Consider this as my Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus/Kwanzaa present to you!


ABC Wednesday, Round 15


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