C is for CRANKY

Lucy_crankyHi. My blog (www.rogerogreen.com) has been down for over five hours. There is an Error 524 “A timeout occurred.” No kidding.

Now it’s Error 1001 DNS resolution error
What happened?
You’ve requested a page on a website (www.rogerogreen.com) that is on the CloudFlare network. CloudFlare is currently unable to resolve your requested domain (www.rogerogreen.com). There are two potential causes of this:
Most likely: if the owner just signed up for CloudFlare it can take a few minutes for the website’s information to be distributed to our global network. It’s not that.

Less likely: something is wrong with this site’s configuration. Usually this happens when accounts have been signed up with a partner organization (e.g., a hosting provider) and the provider’s DNS fails.

I have contacted the server company several times, by email, Facebook, Twitter, with no response. If the site comes up, I’ll give you the REAL post I scheduled for today.

This NOT what I had planned for ABC Wednesday.

EDIT: My page is up, some six and a quarter hours later.


11 thoughts on “C is for CRANKY

  1. Ahhh poor you….. although i am a great wordpressfan so i am glad to see you on it now 😉
    If you need help, you know where to fine me

    I totaly can imagine you’re cranky, i would be too!!!

    Take care!!

  2. No wonder you’re CRANKY! Hope things get sorted out soon or I’d hate to be at the end of telephone call…..

    abcw team

  3. Aww! I never expected it to be so personal; thought it to be another of your word traps.
    On a serious note, it does make one cranky. The servers do that sometimes; our place even the connection seems to play hide and seek.

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