About Roger Green

 I am a  librarian.  Maybe with my intellectual curiosity, I always was destined to be one.

Now I am pondering my existence with a child 50+ years my junior, music, politics, baseball, comic books, JEOPARDY!, God, and the celebrations of life.

One thought on “About Roger Green

  1. Second attempt to comment…first one floating somewhere in cyberspace.
    What I was saying was ‘what a wonderful LOVE story between a father and his
    much LOVED daughter, looking at her pictures there’s a certain LIKENESS between
    you both.
    I haven’t heard the expression ‘Natal Day’, as you will know we call it Birthday.
    She is very LOVELY Roger you must be very proud of her.
    As soon as I read about her, the thought came to mind LAWYER but you thought
    crafts or perhaps both ? You will have to introduce her to ‘Arnoldo’s’ meme.
    I rather like your new site with Word Press…I have been thinking about re-locating
    but haven’t a clue how to do it I’m already signed to Word Press, I don’t know
    whether that would help ?
    LOVELY post Roger,
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

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